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Double sided MCPCB, HASL LF
RO4003C(32 mil) immersion gold PCB
Quick Turn Prototype PCB
ITEQ 10 Layer FR-4 TG170 PCB
CSP-mounted via in pad PCB
micro BGA immersion gold PCB
RO4350B(30mil) Immersion Gold PCB
Impedance controlled PCB
Mixed material 10 Layer PCB



Company Profile
Bicheng Enterprise Limited is an established supplier and solution provider of printed circuit boards(PCB). We professionally specialize in feature services for computer, telecommunication, automotive, consumer electronics, medical apparatus and instruments, national defense and industrial equipment etc.
Our products include FR-4 PCB (up to 32 layers), microwave material PCB and MCPCB featured as prototypes, middle volume to mass production runs. We also actively research and build such high value added PCB projects as blind via, quick turn prototypes and backplane board etc. This has made our PCB products generate an effective prolongation and complementation, as well as formation of integrated products line ranging from low-end to high-end.
Our PCB produtcs are used for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to, computer networking, safety and surveillance, power supply etc.


Computer Networking Safety and Surveillance Power Supply
USB hub, router access control battery generator
codec, modem alarm systems, CCTV charger, UPS
switch, 3G router detector, monitor power inverter
3G modems remote access power converter
Telecommunications Industrial Automation RF and Microwave
data storage, GPRS Data acquisition system antenna, diplexers
CDMA, GSM modem Process controller frequency converter
VoIP phones, IP phone Wireless telemetry system oscillator,divider
bluetooth module IO modules, PLC Modem RF amplifier, filter
Automotive Electronics Satellite Equipment LED Lighting




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