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Double sided MCPCB, HASL LF
RO4003C(32 mil) immersion gold PCB
Quick Turn Prototype PCB
ITEQ 10 Layer FR-4 TG170 PCB
CSP-mounted via in pad PCB
micro BGA immersion gold PCB
RO4350B(30mil) Immersion Gold PCB
Impedance controlled PCB
Mixed material 10 Layer PCB



Double sided MCPCB, Insulated Metal Substrate(IMS)

PCB dimension: 500 x 150mm=10 PCS
Basic stack up: 2 Layer PCB
  copper ------- 70um(2oz)
  prepreg ------ 75um
  copper ------- 70um(2oz)
  prepreg ------ 75um
  aluminum base - 1.8mm
Thermal conductivity: 2W/MK
Minimum trace and space 4mil/4mil
Minimum / maximum holes 0.4mm/3.8mm
Number of different holes 12
Number of drill holes 5015
Number of milled slots 0
Material: ITEQ FR-4 TG>135
Surface finish: HASL Lead free
Solder mask: Ultra white for LED
Contour: 2mm router, 3mm connection bridge
Via: plated through hole(PTH), via tented
Final height of PCB 2.2mm ±0.2
function: LED lighting




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