Business Divisions
To meet the demands of market, Bicheng company has set up 3 divisions, i.e. PCB division, MCPCB division and High Frequency Division.
aPCB Division
This is the largest department. We provide quality PCBs for R&D, electronic manufacturers, IT research orgnazations and higher education, large or small. The market position is multiple types, small volume, high technology and quick delivery.
PCB and services included:
1) Single sided PCB, double sided PCB and multi-layer PCB( up to 32 Layers)
2) 6mm thick PCB
3) Heavy copper (2-10 oz)
4) High Tg 170, High CTI 600V
5) Impedance controlled PCB
6) Blind vias, Half hole, Via in pad, countersink holes
7) ENIG, HASL, Immersion Silver, OSP, Gold finger, peelable mask
8) Rogers and FR-4 combination PCB.
9) mircro BGA, CSP, QFN
10) Quick turn around (QTA) service
11) Prototype, small volume and mass production
12) Door to door service




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