Design For Manufacture

序号Serial NO 流程 Procedure 项目 Item 生产能力 Manufacturing capability
大批量 Large volume (S<100 sq m) 小批量 Middle volume (S<10 sq m) 试样 Prototype(S<1sq m)
1 Inner layer (18um, 35um, 70um etc are finished copper. If not mentioned copper, finished 1oz is the default value ) 内层(18um、35um、70um等是指完成铜厚,未注明铜厚的默认为完成铜厚 1 OZ) 最小层间间隔 Min.isolation of layers 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.06mm
2 最小线宽线距 Min.track and spacing 5/5mil(18um) 4/4mil(18um) 3/3.5mil(18um)
3 5/5mil(35um) 4/4mil(35um) 3/4mil(35um)
4 7/9mil(70um) 6/8mil(70um) 6/7mil(70um)
5 9/11mil(105um) 8/10mil(105um) 8/9mil(105um)
6 13/13mil(140um) 12/12mil(140um) 12/11mil(140um)
7 最小钻孔到导线距离 Min.distance from drill to conductor 4 Layer 10mil,6 layer 10mil,8-12 layer 12mil 4 layer 8mil,6 layer 8mil,8-12 layer 10mil,14-20 layer 14mil,22-32 layer 18mil 4 layer 6mil,6 layer 6mil,8-14 layer 8mil,16-22 layer 12mil,24-32 layer 14mil
8 最小内层隔离环单边宽 Min.width of annular ring on inner layer 4 Layer 10mil(35um),≥6 Layer 14mil(35um) 4 Layer 8mil(35um),≥6 layer 12mil(35um) 4 Layer 6mil(35um),≥6 Layer 10mil(35um)
9 最小内层隔离带宽 Inner layer isolation ring width(Min) 10mil (35um) 8mil (35um) 6mil (35um)
10 最小过孔焊盘直径Min.via pad diameter 20mil (35um) 16mil (35um) 16mil (35um)
11 内层(板边)不露铜最小距离 Min. distance from board edge to conductor(no copper exposured)(inner layer) 14 mil(35um) 12 mil(35um)) 8 mil(35um)
12 最大内层、外层铜厚 Maximum copper weight(Inner layer and outer layer) 3 OZ( 105 um ) 4 OZ ( 140 um ) 6 OZ( 210 um )
13 内层阴阳铜箔 Core with different copper foil on both sides / 18/35,35/70 um 18/35,35/70 um
14 层压 Laminating 层压厚度公差 Tolerance of laminate thickness ±10% PCB thick ±10% PCB thick ±8% PCB thick
15 最大层压厚度 Maximum laminate thickness 4.0mm 6.0mm 7.0mm
16 层压层间对位精度 Laminate alignment accuracy ≤±5 mil ≤±4 mil ≤±4 mil
17 Drill (18um, 35um, 70um etc are finished copper. If not mentioned copper, finished 1oz is the default value ) 钻孔(18um、35um、70um等是指完成铜厚,未注明铜厚的默认为完成铜厚 1 OZ) 最小钻刀直径Min.drill bit diameter 0.2 mm 0.2 mm 0.2 mm
18 最小钻槽槽刀直径 Min.slot router diameter 0.60 mm 0.60 mm 0.60 mm
19 PTH 槽孔最小公差 Min.tolerance of PTH slots ±0.15mm ±0.15mm ±0.1mm
20 最大钻孔板厚比 Max.aspect ratio 1:08 1:12 1:12
21 孔径公差 Hole tolerance ±3mil ±3mil ±3mil
22 过孔与过孔间距 Space of via to via 6mil(same net),12mil(different net) 6mil(same net),14mil(different net) 4mil(same net),12mil(different net)
23 元件孔与元件孔间距 Space of component hole to component hole 12mil(same net),16mil(different net) 12mil(same net),16mil(different net) 10mil(same net),14mil(different net)
24 蚀刻 Etching 蚀刻标志最小宽度 Min.width of etching logo 10mil(18um),12 mil (35um),12 mil(70um) 8mil(18um),10mil(35um),12 mil(70um) 6mil(18um),8 mil(35um),12mil(70um)
25 蚀刻因子 Etch factor 1.6-2.2 1.6-2.2 1.6-2.2
26 Outer layer(18um, 35um, 70um etc are finished copper. If not mentioned copper, finished 1oz is the default value )外层线路(18um、35um、70um等是指完成铜厚,未注明铜厚的默认为完成铜厚 1 OZ) 最小过孔焊盘直径 Min.via pad diameter 20mil 16mil 16mil
27 最小BGA 焊盘直径 Min.BGA pad diameter 12mil 12mil 10mil
28 最小线宽线距 Min.track and spacing 5/5mil(18um) 4/4mil(18um) 3/3.5mil(18um)
5/5mil(35um) 4/4mil(35um) 3/4mil(35um)
7/9mil(70um) 6/8mil(70um) 6/7mil(70um)
9/11mil(105um) 8/10mil(105um) 8/9mil(105um)
13/13mil(140um) 12/12mil(140um) 12/11mil(140um)
29 最小网格 Minimum grid 10/10mil(35um) 8/8mil(35um) 4/8mil(35um)
30 最小间距(线距焊盘、焊盘距焊盘)Min.space (conductor to pad, pad to pad) 6mil(18um) 5mil(18um) 4mil(18um)
6mil(35um) 5mil(35um) 4mil(35um)
9mil(70um) 8mil(70um) 7mil(70um)
11mil(105um) 10mil(105um) 9mil(105um)
13mil(140um) 12mil(140um) 11mil(140um)
35 Solder mask (18um, 35um, 70um etc are finished copper. If not mentioned copper, finished 1oz is the default value )绿油(18um、35um、70um等是指完成铜厚,未注明铜厚的默认为完成铜厚 1 OZ) 最大塞孔孔径 Maximum via-plug diameter 0.5mm 0.5mm 0.5mm
36 最小阻焊桥宽度 Min.width of solder mask bridge Green:5mil(35um) Green:4mil(35um) Green:4mil(35um)
37 Yellow:5mil(35um) Yellow:4mil(35um) Yellow:4mil(35um)
38 Blue:5mil(35um) Blue:4mil(35um) Blue:4mil(35um)
39 Black:6mil(35um) Black:6mil(35um) Black:6mil(35um)
40 White:6mil(35um) White:6mil(35um) White:6mil(35um)
41 All of Matt:6mil All of Matt:6mil All of Matt:6mil
42 Green:5mil(70um) Green:4mil(70um) Green:4mil(70um)
43 Yellow:5mil(70um) Yellow:4mil(70um) Yellow:4mil(70um)
44 Blue:5mil(70um) Blue:4mil(70um) Blue:4mil(70um)
45 Black:6mil(70um) Black:6mil(70um) Black:6mil(70um)
46 White:6mil(70um) White:6mil(70um) White:6mil(70um)
47 阻焊开窗 Open solder mask 4mil(35um) 4mil(35um) 3mil(35um)
48 阻焊线盖幅 Solder mask coverage 4mil(35um) 4mil(35um) 3mil(35um)
49 最小阻焊字宽 Min.width of solder mask text 9mil(35um) 9mil(35um) 8mil(35um)
50 最小绿油厚度 Min.thickness of Solder mask 9um(35um) 9um(35um) 9um(35um)
51 最大绿油厚度 Max.thickness of solder mask 30um(35um) 30um(35um) 30um(35um)
52 字符 Silkscreen 最小字符宽度 Min.width of silkscreen text 6mil 6mil 5mil
53 最小字符高度 Min.height of silkscreen text 35mil 35mil 30mil
54 字符与焊盘最小距离 Min.space from silkscreen to pads 6mil 6mil 5mil
55 丝印字符颜色 Colour of silkscreen White, Black, Yellow
56 碳油 Carbon ink 碳油盖线、盖焊盘 Carbon ink covers conductor or pads 14mil 13mil 12mil
57 碳油与焊盘最小距离 Mid distance from carbon ink to pads 12mil 11mil 10mil
58 蓝胶 Peelable mask 蓝胶盖线、盖焊盘 Peelable mask covers conductor or pads 8mil 7mil 6mil
59 蓝胶与焊盘最小距离 Min.distance from peelable mask to pads 14mil 13mil 12mil
60 白网蓝胶最大塞孔孔径 Max.via-plug of Silk-screen method 2.0mm 2.0mm 2.0mm
61 铝片蓝胶最大塞孔孔径 Max. via-plug of aluminum foil method 4.5mm 4.5mm 4.5mm
62 表面处理 Surface finish 化金镍厚 Thickness of nickel of ENIG 3-5um 3-5um 2-6.35um
63 化金金厚 Thickness of Gold of ENIG 0.05-0.1um
64 电金手指镍厚 Thickness of nickel of Gold finger 3-5um
65 电金手指金厚 Thickness of Gold of Gold finger 0.1-1.27um
66 水金镍厚 2-5um
67 水金金厚 0.05-0.1um
68 喷锡锡厚 Thickness of tin of HASL 2.54-6.35um
69 抗氧化膜厚 Thickness of OSP 0.2-0.5um
70 沉锡锡厚 Thickness of tin of Immersion tin 0.2-0.75um
71 沉银银厚 Thickness of silver of Immersion silver 0.15-0.75um
72 外形加工 Contour process 外形加工方式 Method of contour process 数控铣床(CNC)铣外形;V-CUT;桥连;邮票孔;冲板 CNC milling, V-CUT, Break-out tap, break-out holes, Punching
73 最小锣刀 Minimum router 0.8mm
74 外型最小公差 Min.tolerance of contour ±0.15mm ±0.13mm ±0.1mm
75 锣外形不露铜最小距离 Min.distance of milling contour(no copper exposure) 12mil 10mil 8mil
76 V-CUT 角度 Angle of V-CUT 20、30、45、60 ±5 degree
77 V-CUT 对称度 Degree of symmetry of V-CUT ±6mil ±5mil ±4mil
78 V-CUT 余厚公差 Tolerance of residual thickness of V-CUT ±6mil ±5mil ±4mil
79 金手指斜边角度公差 Tolerance of Chamfer angle of Gold finger ±5 degree ±5 degree ±5 degree
80 金手指斜边余厚公差 Tolerance of residual thickness of bevel edge of gold finger ±5mil ±5mil ±5mil
81 最小内角半径 Min radius of inner corner 0.4mm
82 V-CUT不露铜最小距离 Min. distance from edge to V-Cut (no copper exposure) 18mil (1.6mm Thick, 20 degree V-groove cutter) 14mil(1.6mm Thick, 20 degree V-groove cutter) 12mil (1.6mm Thick, 20 degree V-groove cutter)
83 20mil (1.6mm Thick, 30 degree V-groove cutter) 18mil (1.6mm Thick, 30 degree V-groove cutter) 16mil (1.6mm Thick, 30 degree V-groove cutter)
84 24mil (1.6mm Thick, 45 degree V-groove cutter) 22mil (1.6mm Thick, 45 degree V-groove cutter) 20mil (1.6mm Thick, 45 degree V-groove cutter)
85 30mil (1.6mm Thick, 60 degree V-groove cutter) 28mil (1.6mm Thick, 60 degree V-groove cutter) 26mil (1.6mm Thick, 60 degree V-groove cutter)
86 特殊公差 Special tolerance 飞针测试板厚 Board thickness of flying probe test 0.6-4.0mm
87 飞针测试尺寸 Panel size of flying probe test Size≤900X600mm,小尺寸可以通过制程弥补 Small size can be compensated through manufacturing procedure
88 专用测试尺寸 Panel size of fixture test method Size≤460X380mm, 小尺寸可以通过制程弥补 Small size can be compensated through manufacturing procedure
89 专用测试厚度 Board thickness of fixture test method 0.4-6.0mm
90 压接孔公差 Tolerance of press-fit hole ±2mil
91 NPTH孔公差 Tolerance of NPTH ±2mil
92 板厚公差 Tolerance of PCB thickness 1.0mm≥PCB thickness, Tolerance ±0.1mm;1.0mm≤PCB thickness, Tolerance ±10%
93 沉孔深度公差 Tolerance of depth of countersunk hole ±0.2mm
94 盲槽深度公差 Depth tolerance of blind slot ±0.2mm
95 最大交货尺寸 Maximum shipment size Size≤1200X600mm(双面板,不过电测试 Double side, no test required)
96 Size≤1000X600mm(多层板,不过电测试 Multilayer, no test required)
97 最小交货尺寸 Minimum shipment size 10X10mm
98 喷锡板厚 PCB thickness of HASL 0.8-3.0mm(小于0.5mm孔塞孔或盖油 Hole less 0.5mm should be use via-plug or mask-cover )
99 喷锡板尺寸 HASL Size Size≤600X460mm
100 交货板厚 PCB thickness 0.15-7.0mm
101 V-CUT厚度 Depth of V groove 0.8-3.2mm
102 跳 V 间距 Distance of non-continuous v-groove ≥7mm
103 最大钻孔孔径 Max. drill diameter Size≤6.5mm(大于6.5mm孔需采用扩钻或锣出,公差最小±0.1mm Counterbore or router will be used for holes more than 6.5mm, Min.tolerance ±0.1mm )
104 最大沉孔孔径 Max. countersink diameter Size≤6.5mm(沉头孔不能采用扩钻或锣出 Countersink can be used counterbore drill or router)
105 斜边间距 Size≥11mm Size≥5mm Size≥5mm
106 蓝胶厚度 Thickness of peelable mask 0.2-1.5mm ±0.15mm



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