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8 Layer TG170 PCB, 1.6mm, ENIG
4 Layer TG>135, 1.6mm, HASL LF
4 Layer, TG170 PCB, 1.6mm, ENIG
2 Layer TG170 PCB, 1.6mm, ENIG
4 layer,1.6mm, 1oz each layer, ENIG
4 Layer, 1.6mm, 1oz, blind via PCB
6 layer, 1.6mm, Gold finger+ HASL LF
4 layer,1.6mm,PP0.508mm, ENIG
4 Layer,FR-4 TG>135,2.5mm, ENIG
4 Layer,1.6mm, Red mask, Imm.Gold
6 layer,FR-4,1.1mm, CSP, via in pad
8 layer,IT180A FR-4,1.6mm, mirco BGA
4 layer,1.6mm,90% Immersion Gold
10 layer, RO4350B+RO4450B+FR4
4 layer, FR-4, 0.5mm thick, Imm.Ag
4 layer, 1.6mm, blind via, ENIG
10 layer, Blue mask, HASL lead free
6 layer,1.6mm,1oz, edge connector
2 layer,FR-4, 1oz, 0.6mm, HASL LF
4 layer, 1.6mm, impedance controlled
8 layer,FR-4, 1.6mm, 1oz, HASL LF
2 layer, 1.6mm, 4types in one panel
4 layer, FR-4 TG135, 1.6mm, HASL
2 Layer, 1.6mm, TG170, Black mask



4 layer,1.6mm,1oz, HASL LF, GPRS
6 layer,FR-4, 1.6mm, Immersion Gold
2 layer, 1.6mm,1oz, Matt Blude Mask
4 layer, 1.6mm, HASL, 3 types in panel
4 layer, 1.0mm, Immersion silver PCB
4 layer, 1.6mm, 1oz, Blind via PCB
8 Layer, FR-4 TG170, 1.6mm, ENIG
4 layer, RO4350B mixed with FR-4
4 Layer, 0.5mm thick, White mask PCB
4 Layer, FR-4 CTI 600V, Gold PCB
4 layer, through hole PCB, Red mask
4 layer, 1.6mm blind via PCB, ENIG
2 Layer, 1.2mm, 1oz, Gold finger PCB
4 Layer, 1.6mm, Heavy copper 6oz
40 6 Layer, FR-4,1.6mm, 1oz, HASL PCB 4 Layer, FR-4,1.6mm, 1oz, HASL PCB
2 Layer PCB, FR-4 Tg170, 1.6mm thick,HASL lead free,8 pcbs in 1 panel 2 Layer PCB,0.6mm thick, Hot air solder level(HASL),10 PCB's in 1 panel
44 4 Layer 1.6mm PCB, High TG170 FR-4,red solder mask,3 microinch gold 2 Layer impedance controlled PCB,1.6mm thick, Immersion gold
2 Layer gold finger PCB with Matt blue solder mask 4 Layer high TG170 PCB, 1.6mm thick with blind via
48 4 Layer Impedance controlled PCB at 1.0mm thick with Blue mask ENIG finish 4 Layer Impedance controlled PCB,14mil track at 50 ohm
4 layer HASL Lead Free PCB, 3 designs in one panel 2 layer Immersion silver PCB, Matt blue solder mask
52 2 layer HASL Lead free PCB, Black solder mask 2 layer strip PCB, 0.6mm thick with HASL Lead free
2 layer 1.6mm thick PCB, HASL Lead free with Blue mask 4 layer Immersion Gold PCB, Green solder mask
56 Quick turn prototype PCB, double sided immersion silver 10 layer PCB, TG170 material, Immersion gold PCB
4 Layer impedance controlled PCB, RO4003C mixed with FR-4 Double sided PCB (FR-4 Tg >135)
60 7 designs of 2 layer PCB in one panel for saving production cost Double sided PCB,Immersion gold PCB, Panel PCB
0.8mm PCB, double sided PCB, HASL PCB 4 layer PCB, Blind via PCB, Immersion gold PCB,ITEQ IT140 FR-4
64 Double sided PCB,Long strips PCB, 0.6mm thick PCB, HASL Lead free 8 Layer PCB, FR-4 TG135 PCB, Immersion gold PCB, Plated through holes PCB
12 layer PCB,FPGA(BGA)PCB, via in pad PCB, Immersion gold PCB 18 layer PCB with Mirco BGA and via in pad,Immersion gold and Impedance controlled
68 10 layer PCB, RO4350B core PCB with RO4450B prepreg, 50 ohm impedance controlled 14 Layer PCB, 2.0mm thick PCB, Immersion gold with micro BGA PCB
16 Layer PCB, 2.4mm thick PCB, Tg170 FR-4 PCB,Immersion gold PCB 4 layer PCB, RO4003C core with RO4450B prepreg, Mixed with FR-4 PCB
72 Double sided FR-4 PCB, 1.6mm 1oz, HASL pb free with Matt blue solder mask 6 layer PCB(false 8 layer), 2.12mm thick, 1oz, HASL pb free PCB



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